5 May 2021 @ 5.30pm (AEST)


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    Real-life study method

    Take the guesswork out of your preparation so you can focus on your goal

    Ask questions

    Prepare for the Migration Agents Capstone Assessment with those who know from experience

    Get motivated

    Hear from who has done it before and share your study ideas with peers


    Be Capstone-ready with our real-life study method

    Tips on how to close your knowledge gaps to succeed in the Migration Agents Capstone exam

    DETAILS Webinar Programme

    This webinar’s content is about how to STUDY for the exam and our method requires at least 2 to 3 months of intensive groundwork after finishing the Diploma. This webinar is not intended to provide a quick fix nor tips on how to respond to exam questions.

    A discussion about what to expect and how to plan.

    Studying effectively takes discipline, so we developed a structured plan for you to approach your studies efficiently. Also, understand why you should start preparing now.

    Tips to make the most of your preparation and planning to succeed in the Capstone exam.

    We developed our own suite of scenarios and research material for you to practice and test your knowledge.

    EVENTS Migration Capstone Preparation

    5 May 2021

    5 May 2021


    Capstone Study Method Webinar

    Wednesday, 5 May 2021 @ 5.30pm (AEST)


    5 May 2021

    ABOUT US Who we are

    Patricia and Noemi completed their Graduate Diploma of Australian Migration Law and Practice with Griffith University in 2018 and after a lot preparation passed the mandatory Migration Agents Capstone Assessment in the February 2019 intake. After realising their structured study plan was the key to their success, they now want to share it with other graduates. Having experienced it first-hand, they are well placed to guide the way.

    Patricia Moraes

    Registered Migration Agent MARN 1912250

    Noemi Gonzalez

    Registered Migration Agent MARN 1911128


    I attended last November's seminar and then prepared for the Capstone exam with your method. Now I've passed it and finally can start to register with OMARA. I want to say thank you to you two, as the seminar gave me a clear picture of the exam structure and the correct study methods
    Nov 2019 Study Method Seminar Attendee & Capstone Feb 2020 Intake Candidate.
    That you are perfect examples that this study method works. It makes me feel more confident in my exam study approach.
    May 2021 Study Method Webinar Attendee
    Quality presentation. Clear & focussed discussion. Valuable insights.
    May 2021 Study Method Webinar Attendee

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